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  The strength and durability of concrete is what makes it one of the most important construction materials, and for Bast Hatfield, one of the most critical pieces of a service matrix. BHC has years of expertise in concrete work, and keeps up-to-date with the sophisticated technologies in cement, admixtures and aggregates.

BHC uses the latest innovations in concrete construction mixing and curing to deliver safe and aesthetically appealing buildings and surfaces that endure the test of time. From large commercial slabs on grade, to specialized warehousing needs to reworking historic foundations, BHC has the know-how, flexibility and expertise to complete each job, knowing that the latest systems and talent will be fully leveraged to save money and time.

BHC will ensure your project meets ASTM standards with stringent onsite testing. Adhesion, FTIR, light microscopy, and SEM/EDS tests are performed, and subsequent advisement on selection of coatings, considering the chemistry and corrosivity of the environment, freeze-thaw cycles and waterproofing requirements will help secure your investment. Compressive strength testing will also be performed.

The overall quality of the concrete will determine the rate at which moisture can permeate through the permeable medium of concrete. For this reason, the most qualified concrete constructions specialists should be bringing your project to life. High vapor transmission rates for concrete slabs can result in debonding of tile and carpet; warping of wooden floors and microbial growth. BHC’s concrete specialists utilize superior concrete mixtures so problems to do not occur after construction.

An example of the ingenuity of our project managers and in-house skilled concrete workers BHC’s work can be seen at MARS Education Center at Fort Ticonderoga. Working within the tight quarters of the Fort, new concrete structures were created without disruption to the Fort’s historic integrity. Another example of BHC’s experience with concrete installation can be found at American Tissue, where a special thick slab of two inch concrete was poured to accommodate the additional weight of company’s rolls of heavy paper.