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  Design/Build is also known as “single responsibility” contracting. It is a project delivery system that has become widely used. The Design/Build option is ideal for owners who want a single point of contact, one that takes full responsibility for the design, management and construction of a project. All the different aspects of the big picture, including all the bonding, costs, schedules, quality and management of the entire process are the responsibility of the Design/Builder.

The benefit of choosing Design/Build is that it unifies the design and construction processes. Right from the start, the people who will ultimately build your project will be involved and aware of all the fine details.

As a Design/Builder, a firm must not only be technically capable, but must also be financially strong to operate in this role. Many of our Design/Build clients are industrial and require frequent upgrades to remain competitive. As infrastructure needs change, BHC has been able to analyze the challenge, engineer the solution and implement it in the timeliest manner, with little adverse affect on production. In addition, most of BHC’s pre-engineered (metal buildings) are installed for Design/Build clients, providing an economical solution for an Owner’s large space needs. BHC is an experienced and capable Design/Builder, and has managed hundreds of projects over the past 20 years.