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  BHC has the experience to help owners and architects with all phases of development. From land acquisition and financing to complete project management, our services include:


The planning stage of BHC’s development service involves taking your vision and making it a reality. BHC will help you identify the following:

  • WHAT are the goals for your business?
  • WHERE do you need to be to achieve your goals?
  • WHEN do you need it to happen?
  • HOW do you determine the size of your building to meet your goals?

Armed with the answers to these questions, BHC’s team of Development professional can help you determine the best plan of action for your company.

Site Selection/Acquisitions

Where do you need to be to meet your company’s goals?

If your company has property, BHC will help evaluate the site for its compatibility with your business plan. When you need to acquire property, we can help you find the best location for your needs.

BHC not only identifies available locations, but we also screen each location, reviewing utility access and zoning, as well as cost and viability for the project. We provide financial projections so you can determine if the big picture will meet your performance standards.

Market/Feasibility Analysis

Select projects may require a market analysis before moving forward. BHC can call upon their preferred network of qualified professionals to provide a complete market/feasibility analysis before you make that all-important decision.

BHC’s 30 years of construction and real estate experience will help any client reach an informed conclusion about the feasibility of their project.


Bast Hatfield has relationships with numerous architects and engineers who offer a wide range of design services to meet customers’ needs and budgets. We may already have an established business relationship with your own architect –just ask.

BHC’s familiarity with the engineers and architects in the area facilitates communication between a building’s designer and the construction team. Our established working relationships and past experience is leveraged for all new projects, and our customers reap the benefits of dealing with a respected and experienced construction company.

Site Planning and Engineering

Site Planning is the cornerstone of any new project. BHC can help you make the best, most effective use of your land.

Site planning includes creating layouts for water, gas and sewer lines, and even establishing the best location for a traffic entrance. It also includes planning parking lots, curbs, and pedestrian walkways. When necessary, BHC will arrange for traffic studies to maximize opportunities for customer exposure to your business.


No matter what type of financing you might need, Bast Hatfield can help meet your needs through our extensive network of financial resources and providers.

Financing of any building project, large or small, is different for each customer. At BHC, we feel a customized approach is best. Our real estate professionals, who have more than 30 years experience with acquiring financing for commercial projects, work closely with each customer to determine the best financing option available.

For more information on how BHC might help you with your building’s financing, email us today:

Approval Process

Customers benefit from BHC’s depth of experience working with zoning and planning boards, as well as review committees and environmental agencies. Our knowledgeable professionals understand the approval process, and can often help streamline the review of applications and plans for development, redevelopment, and public improvements.

We can provide documentation for SEQR review as well as answer design, engineering and construction questions to get necessary approvals.

With BHC’s guiding expertise, customers can avoid costly delays in the approval process, and keep their projects moving forward.

Marketing / Leasing

BHC has the network of experienced professionals to help market, promote and lease your new development projects and commercial properties. Whether shopping centers, strip malls, office buildings or multi-use properties, we can help you effectively lease and market your space.

BHC has years of experience in property management and real estate acquisition. Our services include identifying and qualifying tenants, preparing lease proposals and lease negotiations, surveying competitive properties and providing sound marketing strategies to attract and retain new tenants.

Our team of experienced real estate professionals, contract architects, engineers, project managers and superintendents play a critical role in the development of a building. These professionals are adept at understanding established codes and guidelines, searching land records, checking flood zone status, acquiring permits and undergoing periodic design review. From start to finish, you can be assured that your building project is in the best hands, to not only get the job done, but get it done right.

One of our customers said it best, “BHC possesses a unique combination of skills and expertise that significantly enhanced how we managed the real estate and construction aspects of our project. BHC consistently exceeded our expectations”


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