General Contractors  |  Construction Managers

  Bast Hatfield’s primary market sector is General Contracting, and in the past 30 years, the company has completed more than a billion dollars of General Contracting projects. This traditional approach to construction delivery is initiated when an owner commissions a design professional—an architect or an engineer—to prepare drawings and specifications for a construction project. A contractor is hired through competitive bidding or a process of negotiation.
This process is often used in New York State to procure publicly financed construction businesses, and if often referred to as “hard-money, lump-sum bid” business. Using this process, opportunities are publicly announced for bidders to make their best offer to complete the project, after carefully reviewing plans and specifications.

BHC has significant experience with these types of projects. BHC’s skilled estimators are experts at creating a low bid for quality service and materials.

BHC’s experienced team of project managers know how to execute the project once the bid is won, and with in-house labor ready to go, there is no delay shopping for sub-contractors. BHC’s entire work force is fiscally responsible and responsive while on the site, characteristics that get the job done right and on budget.